SeaState5 is developing an acoustic screen that absorbs the noise emissions generated during the installation of wind turbine foundations.

Noise mitigation system

We have created acoustic panels that contain 100 absorbing elements per panel. The panels can be integrated in a foldable noise mitigation system.

The benefits of our system:

  • Superior noise reduction
    Competing systems use air bubbles or air volumes enclosed in foam, polymer or rubber, but the transition from water to air is 99.8% acoustically reflective. Our solution is the first noise mitigation system that absorbs the acoustic energy.
  • Zero-energy system
    Our solution does not consume fossil fuel to mitigate the noise emissions.
  • Optimized for offshore use
    Our system is foldable and can be deployed with winches, making operational use and storage on deck easier.

How it works

Absorbing metamaterial

The core of our technology consists of metamaterial. This is a material that is engineered to have properties that are not found in nature. On microscopic level, it is a structure with a specific shape and size, made from normal plastics or metals. On macroscopic level, it behaves like a single material. Macroscopic properties like absorption can be engineered by adjusting the microscopic structure.

With this technology, SeaState5 has created acoustically absorbing elements. Because the size of the absorbing elements is much smaller than the wavelengths contained in the noise, multiple elements work as one single barrier.


Full-scale operational - 2021

2020 - Pilot test

Field simulations - Aug 2019

In-house simulations show that the noise generated during the installation of offshore wind foundations is mainly water-borne and can be absorbed with one high-performance acoustic noise screen

Jun 2019 - Lab-scale test small panel

A panel of 3x3 absorbing elements shows the predicted noise absorption and confirms that the technology can be scaled

Concept validation - Nov 2018

Lab tests confirm the acoustic performance of a single absorbing element

Jul 2017 - Commercial feasibility

A feasibility study shows that current noise mitigation techniques are ineffective and that SeaState5's technology has the potential to reduce costs with 67%

Technology research - Jan 2017

Start of technology research on the mitigation of underwater noise

Interested to partner up with us?

We have validated our technology on lab scale and now we are looking for partners to test our acoustic panel in a pilot project.

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