SeaState5 has been founded with the ambition to develop high-tech maritime products. After an initial phase with multiple product ideas and various customers, we have put our focus on the development of an underwater noise mitigation system for the installation of offshore wind foundations.

We believe in the future of offshore wind. With its many benefits and its current price levels, offshore wind has become an attractive alternative for fossil power plants. We expect a continued grow of offshore wind in Western Europe and in coastal urban areas around the world.


We are a team of like-minded people working on a common goal. The team is led by:


We are located in Delft, close to the TU Delft, and we are part of the Yes!Delft incubator.


We are currently building our core team. Feel free to send us a message if you have a heart for offshore wind and are willing to walk an uncharted path.

Innovation begins with cooperation

Everything begins with solid research and development, but without cooperation it would be impossible to create true innovation. We are supported with funding from Provincie Zuid-Holland, NWO and ClimateKIC, with advice from Delft University of Technology and Yes!Delft and with know-how from Embedded Acoustics and Dot Robot.