Why Eagle

Autonomous and semi-autonomous vessels will be increasingly used for a wide range of activities: from oceanography to offshore construction, and from maritime defense to maritime transport. In safety-related applications, unmanned vessels can minimize the exposure of the crew. In harsh conditions or during long shifts, autonomous systems can reduce the strain on the people involved.

What we do

SeaState5 focuses on the electrical unit: the on-board computer, motorcontrollers, communication devices, situational awareness sensors, actuators, power supply and human machine interface. The end goal is to have a plug-and-play central control unit (CCU), which can be extended with the applicable sensor-, actuator- and communication units.

Current status

After successful testing of the basic features of Eagle during the summer season, the next months will be used to execute a feasibility study. The main purpose is to find out whether Eagle can be easily integrated into existing vessel infrastructure.

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