Successful first resonator open water tests

After finishing the indoor tests in the lab, SeaState5 and Embedded Acoustics started open water tests last week. Both source, hydrophone and resonator frame were connected to a small boat, which was positioned in the middle of a small lake with waterdepths up to 35m. More testing will be done in the coming weeks.

NWO take-off grant for Woodpecker

Last week, SeaState5 was awarded with a Take-off grant from NWO for the Woodpecker project. The Woodpecker is SeaState5’s noise mitigation system based on sound absorbing resonators. The system has been developed since Q4 2016, but from January 2017 it has been a co-development together with Embedded Acoustics. The grant will be used to investigate the commercial feasibility and to develop a marketing plan.

TU Delft students finish unmanned vessel project

As part of their BEP (Bachelor Eind Project), four students from the TU Delft EWI faculty developed and implemented a software framework for unmanned vessels. The final implementation was eventually tested with one of our scale models on the Dobbeplas. Congratulations guys!